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Marketing The Final Frontier

Marketing is one of the last areas of business to adopt technology. Almost every other function of business is automated. Marketing is now catching up and there’s a huge increase in the adoption of technology. This means that marketers now will be able to have an enterprise view of their entire enterprise and will be able to make more informed business decisions.

Audio Transcript:
Marketing is actually one of the last frontiers to adopt technology. Think about it. Almost every other function in an organization is automated. Sales force groups, HR, supply chain, manufacturing, and even finance. Now that marketing is actually catching up, there is a huge explosion of their adoption of technology.

What does this mean? This means now that they’re able to see a unified view of their entire marketing enterprise, all their investments across all their channels, and of course the behavior of the consumers. This elevates marketing to be much more of a sophisticated function that it ever had the ability to be before.



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