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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about my market using EyeOn?
EyeOn is a comprehensive platform that takes into consideration the whole ecosystem that surrounds your dealer network: from distributors and competitors to local macro- and micro-economic factors. As a result, deep insights into market performance, and growth opportunities can be gained by using the platform.

Can EyeOn enable my sales force to be more efficient?
The EyeOn platform is focused on providing your sales force with key insights on your dealers, your dealers’ customers, and territory performance with a few easy clicks on an interactive user interface. EyeOn runs complex analytics behind the scenes and eliminates time consuming manual report building for your sales force, while more quickly identifying opportunities for growth. The platform will increase the efficiency of your sales force and quickly equip them with the most relevant insights.

How can EyeOn help with Dealer Development?
EyeOn analyzes hundreds of variables within a geo-economic context and runs machine learning algorithms to quickly identify heat map zones for the best dealer development opportunities. Among other variables, our algorithm identifies the highest-performing zones of opportunity by taking into consideration current dealer performance, socio-economic factors of the geo territories, competition, and projection scenarios for potential revenue.

What are some of the variables you use to conduct advanced analytics?
EyeOn uses various data sets such as population growth, customer segments, competitive presence in a local market, current dealer saturation, product sales trends, and dozens more.

EyeOn vs. Existing Products

How is EyeOn different from the other tools currently available?
EyeOn is the only solution available for the Outdoor Power Equipment industry that provides and end-to-end view of the entire business value chain. From the sell-through (e.g local market, to prospects and customers, and competitors) to the sell-in (e.g. OEM through distribution and to the dealer. This complete perspective provides EyeOn users the ability to apply advanced data management and advanced analytics techniques to track, grow, and identify sales and dealer performance trends.

How does EyeOn work?
EyeOn’s mathematical model and complex proprietary algorithms analyze millions of lines of data available in most companies’ sales, product registration, 3rd party data sources, and financial systems to display, in real-time, key performance indicators to measure, monitor and maximize the efficiency of your sales team and dealers.

How many Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) does EyeOn deliver?
EyeOn’s current library has over 55 interdependent KPIs across categories of customer, product, business and sales & marketing.

Will EyeOn replace all of my current analytics tools?
No. EyeOn does not require you to change anything in your existing infrastructure. EyeOn connects to and leverages your existing analytics systems.

Does EyeOn work with any database, CRM, ERP, or BI system?
Yes. EyeOn leverages the data already being collected from any data source and uses a master data platform to collect, organize, and manage any type or volume of data as well as other existing databases within a system. There is no limit to the number of data sources EyeOn can connect to, including 3rd party data such as dealer relationship management systems and competitive data sources.

What are the benefits of using EyeOn vs. my current tools?
From a data management perspective, EyeOn leverages the data being collected from all of your current tools as well as other data sources within your organization (ERP, SFA, etc.) to provide an viewpoint from enterprise to territory manager of sales and dealer performance. The EyeOn platform’s unique benefit is fully automated data management and advanced analytics delivered in a user friendly dashboard.

From a time perspective, EyeOn eradicates hundreds, even thousands of “man hours” manually integrating different data sources to get the universal truth about your customer growth potential. EyeOn can calculate over 100M records in seconds.

From an insight perspective, EyeOn already has pre-built OPE intelligence so you don’t have to build new data models or only rely on basic business intelligence visual reports that are more vanilla by nature.

From a usability perspective, EyeOn recognizes that many OPE territory managers are on the road without internet access. EyeOn gives them full access to the right dealer report they can use on their mobile device without hampering their sales time or relying on unreliable hotel internet connections.

Is EyeOn a Business Intelligence Tool?
EyeOn doesn’t compete in the general Business Intelligence category, though it does provide deep OPE intelligence like none other. It does, however, employ a user interface to display our analytical model. Therefore, general business intelligence reporting tools such as Tableau, Cognos, QlickView, and Domo are not competitors, and if a client wants to use their own BI, then we can accommodate your needs.


How long does it take to get up and running with EyeOn?
Typical onboarding time from start to go-live is 60- 90 days depending on number of your elected data sources. Because it is a cloud-based SaaS model, there is no change to your IT environment.

How often can I get analytics updates with EyeOn, and in what format(s)?
EyeOn is always on, never off.This means insights can be refreshed by the month, week, or day – whatever you need. The EyeOn dashboard format is flexible so you can decide which KPIs to view, and it can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

What kind of training support does Black Ink provide during start-up and then going forward?
We are committed to a successful adoption.. Because EyeOn is so fast and simple to use, we typically provide 8 hours of virtual end user training during our onboarding period. Support is available Mon-Friday 9-5 EDT. After the initial onboarding, EyeOn is happy to provides ongoing training depending your needs. For example, we have a customer-facing FAQ site for users including access to new features releases, voice of customer feedback, video training assets, remedial training documents, ongoing webinars, etc. We also are big believers of on site support and is no stranger of face to face on site visits.

How easy is it to use EyeOn?
Accessed from mobile, tablets or desktops, a user can, in seconds, see their entire business landscape – from prospective market to existing dealer performance. EyeOn does all the heavy lift for you and is far more intuitive than having to manually create visuals from offline spreadsheets or rely on trying to integrate various business intelligence reports stuck in silos with no OPE intelligence built in.

Additionally, the user can has access to 60+ filters to down to multiple views, such as by month, quarter, year; by customer, by location, or by product. It is also has built in experiences made especially for each type of user. For example, a territory manager can see his/her territory, or the distributor can view all of the territory managers. Respectively, the enterprise version usually for the manufacturer’s headquarters can see the whole organizations business landscape.


How can I justify the cost of purchasing the EyeOn?
EyeOn will immediately provide your business with insight and growth opportunities so you can truly see the value of sales and dealer performance trends by area to help inform your go-forward strategies. This allows for executives to focus their future investments wisely – whether you want to open up new dealer locations and/or sell more product through an existing channel. EyeOn efficiently delivers insights that are not normally or quickly discovered through traditional analysis. In addition, the EyeOn team will provide all the data management and recurring ongoing insight for the client to make “next action” decisions. You don’t have to worry about buying master data management, BI, analytics licenses, or 3rd party data. It’s all built into our solution, and therefore far less expensive than having to do it yourself.

Can I purchase just some of the reporting modules?
Yes, you can choose which KPIs you want to measure, and grow from there.

Is EyeOn for SMBs or large enterprises?
We have found that our EyeOn solution is flexible to to work with OPE companies of all sizes .

What kinds of companies are using EyeOn?
EyeOn is specifically built for any OPE company that has an independent dealer network who needs additional insight and analytics power that the large mass retailers have currently. This provides you the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. If OEMs also have e-commerce or sell through mass retail, don’t worry, we can integrate all of that data as well to help you acquire, re-boot dormant customers, upsell, and cross-sell key PRO and consumer segments.

Can I speak with a customer?
References will be provided on an as-needed basis.


How did you develop this technology?
For years, our team of business, marketing, financial, product and analytics experts to develop the KPIs and algorithms.

How are you going to market with this dashboard?
Direct to OPE OEM end users.



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