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Welcome to the Era of Big Data for Marketers

Big Data

Gone are the days of marketers who rely on glamor instincts. The Era of Big Data is coming. You may have heard of the popular term “Big Data” too many times, but hold on a second, what is “Big Data”?

The mainstream definition of Big Data is a collection of data sets which includes structured and unstructured data that is large and complex.

Why does Big Data matter to marketers?

With Internet and Technology rapidly growing, Big Data is now available to anyone. All the marketing data is quickly becoming Big Data such as Campaign data or Consumer Behavior data which holds valuable information. Marketing organizations or agencies can get huge insights from and make impacts with combining Big Data and integrated contact strategy.

Big Data can deliver insights into a customer’s path to purchase. It is not only who your customers are, but what they want, which marketing campaign are working, when and how they want to be contacted, and which ones are wasting the budget, etc.

Big Data can help you discover how you can increase customer retention rate and what the key influences are. Big Data can assist in optimizing your marketing spend and performance.

How does Big Data benefit marketers?

Big Data means big change for many marketers, however, Big Data is here. There is a saying, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today.” It is never too late to start right now.

Here are a few things to help marketers gain benefits from Big Data.

  1. Get insights from Big Data itself; Big Data provides you the opportunity to dig deeper into the data to reveal the true insights.
  2. Figure out unique business models or case histories as well as questions you want to be answered from Big Data.
  3. Link products to consumer profiles by utilizing Big Data in order to tailor your advertisement and integrate algorithms.
  4. Get help from professionals inside and outside your organization.
By Yue Ai

Yue is a creative professional at BlackInk with passion for conducting data analysis, identifying and solving problems to support better decision making.

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