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C-Level 2016 Marketing Study: Data access

This figure combines two questions to understand what may be creating the universal gap to fulfill the number one barrier, advanced analytics: “What are the most important data sources you require to provide advanced analytics, and of those, what is your ability to access them?” Outside of marketers having more […]

C-Level 2016 Marketing Study: Barriers and Focus

Departmental integration and communications is the #2 barrier for marketers to achieve their priorities. By overlaying 3 different questions, it becomes evident the lion’s share of marketers do not see it as a top focus to improve, even though it is the #7 lowest ability to perform. It is worth […]

C-Level 2016 Marketing Study: Barriers

If marketers acknowledge their infrastructure is currently both a shortcoming and a priority to support its brand promise and customer-centricity, what is impeding their ability to attain it? Across the board, advanced analytics takes the top spot. This is not to suggest that marketing leaders are fully responsible for managing […]

C-Level 2016 Marketing Study: Capabilities

Of the current capabilities to perform at the highest level, Marketing Technology, Reporting/Insight, and Omni-Channel execution lag behind all others. When these are overlaid with their top priorities, marketers choose to keep the brand relevant to its customers by improving infrastructure and omni-channel execution capabilities. Soft skills such as leadership […]

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