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CMOs: Technology is the New Leadership Advantage

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The rapid advancement of marketing technology and innovation is forcing enterprises and marketers to embrace both technological and organizational change. CMOs leadership and technical knowledge are being put to the test and the ones that are slow to act or cannot integrate and organize their customer data in a meaningful way will certainly be crushed by their more nimble and forward thinking competitors.

Data-Driven Marketing: 8 Game-Changing Trends

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The marketing industry is on fire – and not in a good way. The industry is in ever-accelerating flux. With every passing day, it’s seems increasingly difficult to reach customers – and indeed customers have taken over control of marketing. 2015-2016 will see wild, unprecedented changes in data-driven marketing. You can, however, survive and thrive when you heed these top eight 2015 trends in data-driven marketing.

Open Offices: Hotbeds of Collaboration or Breeding Grounds of Resentment?

Open Office

There’s been a lot of controversy recently, regarding the trend of open-space offices. In an effort to cut down on emails, increase face-to-face engagements, and open up the lines of communication between employees, many companies have traded their cubicles and doors for an open floor plan. Formerly a practice favored by tech start-ups and ad agencies, the International Management Facility Association estimates that now 70% of workplaces have embraced the open-concept office.

Is the Apple Watch Essential?

Apple Watch

When the first iPad launched, I remember thinking “this is just a giant iPhone – why would I ever want that? The iPad is definitely going to flop.” Five years since the first-generation iPad was released, I still don’t have one. But many millions of people do.

Squashing Buyer’s Remorse

Buyers Remorse

As a consumer, after making a large purchase it’s important to be confident in your final decision. Anxiety about a purchase can stem from many cognitive dissonances such as, making the decision to buy a current model versus waiting for a newer model, spending a large amount and not being able to pay it off, or purchasing something that others may not find acceptable.

Lilly Pulitzer and Target – Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

Lilly Pulitzer

Prepsters lament! On the heels of Isaac Mizrahi, Mulberry, and Missoni, Lilly Pulitzer and Target have recently announced a limited-edition collection to be released in Spring 2015. This announcement has created a massive divide in Lilly fans throughout North America – many are excited to snag Lilly’s fun, tropical prints at a significant discount, while others fear this move will erode the brand equity and image of this classic, preppy brand.

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