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Marketing Automation: Users’ Verdict

Marketing Automation Users Verdict

There are a lot of resources online that help explain what marketing automation is, assist in providing detailed analysis of each solution’s functionalities, and offer guidance for selecting the right tool. Much of this research often represents information from vendors themselves. What I found interesting was to look at what users think about tools they internally utilize.

The 2013 Marketing Automation Survey from Winsper asked 132 users of marketing automation systems to share their experience of what they enjoy the most and what challenges they meet in their day-to-day use of the tool(s).

Research revealed the points of view of business influencers, system administrators, and power users with a range of experience and qualifications. The results are interesting and provide valuable insight for vendors, users, and future buyers of marketing automation.

Some of the interesting findings:

  • About 60% of responders stated that their user base is international vs. 40% with a user base in North America only, meaning more than half of responders extend their solution reach globally. This is something to consider when adopting a new tool.
  • When looking into implementation, more than 55% of responders implemented systems by themselves with help from the provider. The majority of these used SaaS based solutions. As system installation becomes more user-friendly, it helps in eliminating high initial set up fees.


Responders gain a more singular view of their customers through their experiences with the integration functionality of marketing automation systems.

  • The majority (69%) of responders stated that they integrate Marketing Automation with CRM/Sales Automation Systems. 73% of those that integrate with CRM were B2B responders, 8% were B2C, and 19% were from organizations identified as both B2B and B2C. Responders also reported integrating Marketing Automation with Marketing Databases (41%), Data Warehouses (34%), and Web Analytics (34%).


However, satisfaction levels with system integration functionality were quite low:

  • 18% of responders are extremely dissatisfied/dissatisfied with their current integration state. Of those responders unsatisfied with the level of system integration, 25% integrate with Data Warehouse, 8% with Financial System, 25% with Customer Services System, 58% with Marketing Database, 25% with Business Intelligence System, 33% with Web Analytics, and 8% with Webex. 8% Integrate with more than 6 systems at a time, 33% with more than 3 sources.


So even though CRM integration is already covered pretty well, there are pending issues in the integration process with Data Warehouses, Financial Systems, Customer Services, Marketing Databases, BI Tools and Web Analytics.

Research offers detailed response analysis as well as Net Promoter Score and scorecard for solutions grouped by similar characteristics. Download the report and find out more.

By Iuliia Artemenko

Iuliia is Black Ink's Product Manager.

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