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Marketing Automation Study

Marketing Automation Study

Yay! Our 2013 Marketing Automation End User study finally closed on April 28th. I want to thank more than 130 CRM and marketing operations professionals across a broad variety of industries who shared their feedback based on hand-on experiences.

Many of the participants are current users of main stream marketing automation systems, including Eloqua, Marketo, Aprimo, and SAS, among others. We are in the process of mining the information and hope to release the study results by early June.

According to a Focus Research study, marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last 5 years. Sirius Decisions’ study has also shown that the adoption of marketing automation technology is expected to increase by 50% by 2015.

These aggressive figures indicate that marketing automation’s key benefits around gaining operational efficiency and reducing campaign costs have been widely adopted by organizations. But, just implementing the right or more powerful marketing automation system is far from providing the full answer.

In many cases, dissatisfaction with operating a marketing automation system is more or less related to the human factor: user adoption, ongoing user training, implementation approach, management reinforcement, process alignment, vendor support, etc.

I can’t wait to find out what our peers in the marketing operations say about their experiences. Stay tuned and I will share the learning from the study in the next post.

By Iuliia Artemenko

Iuliia is Black Ink's Product Manager.

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