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The Design Advantages Inherent in SaaS


There are many proven benefits that come from implementing a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. These include scalability, cost reduction, and overall better support. A less obvious advantage—and arguably one of the most valuable—comes from the inherent flexibility and modularity in the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. This hidden benefit of SaaS allows developers to customize their products to suit clients’ needs, allowing them to expand their services across multiple industries as well as categories.

SaaS vs. SaaP

Traditionally, software products have been delivered through a download-and-install process (aka Software as a Product or SaaP) that must be upgraded as new versions are released.

More recently, developers are offering their products as cloud-based services that give users access to the product through the web (SaaS). This model allows developers to push through updates in real-time and opens up more customized solutions.

The design difference

With SaaP, the overall UX and UI are static for every product user. Basically, each user sees and experiences the software the same, which leads to developers offering one-size-fits-all solutions. This makes customization difficult and expensive and leaves users’ individual needs unmet.

On the other hand, with SaaS, each client can have a custom experience to fit their needs, and user groups can be defined to further enhance the experience.

SaaS allows the developer to work in tandem with the client to provide custom solutions that fit the client’s specific needs.

UX feedback loop

User testing is a major part of UX design, and SaaS allows for constant feedback between the developer and the client. Updates can be made in real-time as pieces over the servers rather than lumped all together and labeled as new software.

Custom UIs

One of the biggest design advantages with SaaS is that modular functions can be assembled piece-meal for every client and user group to create custom UIs. What this means is that a developer might have a bucket of functions that are available to implement and then, through working directly with the client, can assemble the pieces together that best suit the client’s needs.

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