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Marketing Reality Check

Email Marketing

22,393 is a number of incoming emails at my “spam, promotions, maybe I will find good discount” email box. 3 is the number of emails I actually opened this week and didn’t take any action after. 2 is the number of emails I didn’t open but remembered the subject lines and searched for to use when I needed a discount.

Marketing Automation: Users’ Verdict

Marketing Automation Users Verdict

There are a lot of resources online that help explain what marketing automation is, assist in providing detailed analysis of each solution’s functionalities, and offer guidance for selecting the right tool. Much of this research often represents information from vendors themselves.

Marketing Automation Study

Marketing Automation Study

Yay! Our 2013 Marketing Automation End User study finally closed on April 28th. I want to thank more than 130 CRM and marketing operations professionals across a broad variety of industries who shared their feedback based on hand-on experiences.



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