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Marketing Analytics in 2015: Top 7 Trends

2015 Marketing Analytics Trends

The coming year will see wild, unprecedented changes in marketing analytics. The most important is the democratization of analytics, as it moves to the cloud, prices drop, and it becomes broadly accessible. This will level the playing field in business, as smaller upstart companies can access the same powerful tools previously available only to the enterprise.

Marketing Dashboards – In-Depth Guide

Marketing Dashboard Guide

Imagine getting into the cockpit of an airplane and preparing for takeoff. You’re all strapped in, but you discover that all the indicators – and the entire dashboard itself- are missing. How would you know how fast you’re going, how much fuel you’re burning, and which way you’re headed? Yet that’s exactly what marketers without an effective dashboard do every day: they fly blindly.

Visual Analytics – Benefits in Business, 8 Essentials

Visual Analytics

Any business seeking proof of the benefits of visual analytics needs look no further than Procter & Gamble. The company, one of the most consistently innovative and successful in history, has made data visualization one of its key tools in marketing campaign and sales management. The visualization tools helps its marketing and sales teams to effectively access marketing and sales insights, easily and quickly.

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