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Marketing Reality Check

Email Marketing

22,393 is a number of incoming emails at my “spam, promotions, maybe I will find good discount” email box. 3 is the number of emails I actually opened this week and didn’t take any action after. 2 is the number of emails I didn’t open but remembered the subject lines and searched for to use when I needed a discount.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Analytics


Marketing analytics is absolutely becoming one of most important components of being competitive in business today. More than ever, marketing analytics allows you to discover which types of marketing have been profitable – and which have not. It enables you to look forwards, and project with greater accuracy what marketing will be most profitable.

30+ Essential Marketing Metrics, Part 3

Key Performance Indicators

Marketing is becoming increasingly a science rather than art, with ever greater focus on numbers and key performance indicators (KPIs). In part one of this series, we explored seven KPIs in the business category. In part two, we discovered 10 customer-specific metrics. In part three below, we’ll explore 10 KPIs that measure marketing performance.

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