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Boost Your Dealer Performance, Optimize Sales Growth

Introducing EyeOn, the leading cloud-based solution for leveraging customer insights to drive dealer performance and sales revenue increases for premier equipment manufacturers and distributors.

EyeOn uncovers hard-to-find patterns in customer buying behavior, in real-time. These valuable insights give executives the agility and speed they need to dial-in their sales and marketing strategies efforts on the best opportunities for profitable growth.

Get answers to questions like these:

  • Where can I find new revenue and growth?
  • Who are our most promising customers in both pro and consumer segments?
  • What dealer activities are fueling current growth?

Simplify Your Data

Big data can be complex and unwieldy, with information hidden in different systems across different silos.

With EyeOn, connect to all the data you need with a few clicks. EyeOn automatically captures, cleanses and maps information from existing databases that can be located anywhere in your enterprise. In fact, we process over 100 million calculations per second. It's flexible and can work with any of your data sources.

Get just the right amount of data. EyeOn filters in the data you need – and filter out the excess. And it automatically cleanses your data to ensure you get accurate information.

Turn Data Into Profitable Actions

In today’s data-driven economy, analytics is the key to understanding your market and making more profitable decisions.

EyeOn enables you to leverage existing automation and analytics tools, and turn Big Data into profitable actions. Our solution makes it easier and faster to gain new insights – and improve your sales results, and the efficiency of your sales team.

You continuously receive profitable insights, in real time. It gives you a decisive competitive advantage: where to best invest your resources and actions for future growth.

Target Spend to Highest Performance

With explosive growth in dealer opportunities and sales models, millions of strategic pathways are now available. Guidance is key.

EyeOn is the only enterprise-grade customer analytics platform with built-in financial intelligence and guidance.

Our easy-to-use cloud platform automatically combines dealer/retail, distributor, competitive, product sales, and end-user marketplace data enabling management to improve forecasting, sell more product, find new dealers and customers, market smarter, and grow revenue faster.

Grow Revenue, Sales Partnership

EyeOn contains over 55 pre-built KPIs to support your daily decisions. These metrics give your team instant, priceless insights into any facet of your sales initiatives – customers, demographics, products, territories, competitors, and more.

With EyeOn’s accurate, real-time answers to your key questions, you’ll spend less time manually building outdated excel spreadsheets or being forced to use generic business intelligence reporting tools. Instead you can shift your focus, and get answers to the more strategic question: how can I find new revenue and grow my sales?

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  • We have discovered some very insightful customer buying behavior using Black Ink. Because they were able to leverage years of customer data, combined with their proprietary analytical models, we now can focus our planning and marketing investments to achieve the best ROL.
    STIHL Ken Waldron Director of Marketing



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