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Black Ink Is Better Than Red Ink

Imagine discovering, for the first time, the actual and precise effectiveness of your sales and dealer development activities, and their impact on your bottom line. That’s precisely what the Black Ink EyeOn Outdoor Power Equipment platform delivers to you — easily, in real time, and in crystal-clear detail.

Ascend to new heights – and get more business benefits – when you gain the valuable insights you need to make smarter decisions. EyeOn is the only outdoor power equipment focused enterprise analytics platform that puts the customer front and center. With the unique customer intel it produces, our platform can measure, monitor and maximize the efficiency of your sales team.

Demo it now to discover how rewarding it is to hit your sales and dealer development targets every time.

Here to Help You

Black Ink was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced, innovative leaders in both marketing and software. Our advisory board is comprised of marketing and business leaders. We develop cutting-edge cloud-based solutions and provide custom analytical services for manufacturers, distributors and dealer sales channels.

Our mission is to enable OPE manufacturers to measure, monitor and maximize dealer development and retailer sales effectiveness– now and into the future.

“What Sales and Development Strategy Will Deliver Results?”

We founded Black Ink to solve a growing problem. That is, many sales leaders need greater insights into their dealers, customers and local-market sales trends.

Just talking about selling your product falls short of successfully developing new dealers and trying to improve sell-in performance. To be successful now and in the future, executives must action strategy to deliver tangible results, and prove unequivocally that they did so. The EyeOn solution helps them do both, especially if you are also competing against massive big box retailers.

We enable you to easily answer four questions asked by Executives, Sales leaders, Territory managers, and more:

We help outdoor power equipment manufacturers to easily answer these questions – anytime, anywhere, and in real time. This empowers business leaders to spend less time measuring and move on to formulating smarter answers to the big, strategic question – “How can I definitively increase the effectiveness of my team’s dealer development and sales efforts?”

Solving Sales, Data, and Strategic Problems

Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturers have long been challenged to easily and accurately identify sales and development trends affecting their bottom-line results. Challenges have included:

The data needed to answer these questions has been trapped in multiple systems, databases, spreadsheets and presentations. Black Ink helps businesses access this information in real time, and to use it to make better and more profitable decisions.

Empowering Sales & Independent Dealers in the Era of Big Data

Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturing, and business as a whole, has moved into a new era: Big Data. In 2020, the world will generate about 50 times the amount of information it generated in 2010. That could be a big problem – or a big opportunity. Now is the time to manage and leverage that data.

Black Ink offers breakthrough products and custom analytics services to help executives and team leaders easily aggregate information, and always know exactly where their dealers and customers stand, where their sales strategies lead them, and how to better execute for greater returns.



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