Measure, Monitor and Maximize Enterprise Marketing ROI

Eye On Enterprise Marketing ROI is the only enterprise-wide, financial reporting solution that measures, monitors and maximizes marketing’s performance. Our SaaS offering provides you an “eye on” marketing’s financial impact on the business, 24-7.

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  • 70 %

    70% of CEOs: Marketing Fails to Prove Business Growth

    - Survey of Global Marketing and C-Suite executives
  • 50 %

    50% of CMOs: Feel Unprepared to Prove ROMI

    - Survey of Global Marketing and C-Suite executives
  • ...what Black Ink is doing at the intersection between marketing and finance is very exciting.

    - Scott Brinker, CTO and Co-Founder of Ion Interactive

The Marketer’s Dilemma

Marketing is changing. Fast.

C-suite executives are increasingly expected to provide financial proof of marketing’s performance across the entire enterprise. Gone are the days of just measuring campaign level ROI or tactical activities such as click through and open rates.

Eye On Enterprise Marketing ROI allows you to see the bigger picture to make better decisions across all facets of your business: customers, markets budgets, staff, vendors and more.

The Marketer's Dilemma

The Solution

Eye On Enterprise Marketing ROI

The Solution
  • Get Financial Proof

    Understand marketing’s contribution, in the universal language of business: money. With Eye On, now you can prove marketing's financial contribution to the enterprise bottom line.

  • Focus on Improving EMROI

    Eye On dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to measure and monitor EMROI. It does so for you - effortlessly, seamlessly, in real time – so you can spend your time and resources maximizing EMROI.

  • Boost Performance and ROI

    Eye On is more than a dashboard or BI, it does more than just display the data. All the intelligence is built in, as it computes hundreds of algorithms to give you the answers you need to make smarter decisions.

    And focusing on return, marketing will continuously boost performance – and contribution to the bottom line.

Eye On is Awesome. Here’s Why:

  • Easy to Use

    Gone are the days of teams poring over and collating spreadsheets. Eye On empowers you with all the intelligence you need: integrated, seamless tracking, through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Integrated, Real-Time Data

    Last month’s campaign results are so, well, last month. Eye On automatically uses all of your big data, from any source. It provides the up-to-the-minute data you need to vanquish threats – and capitalize on opportunities.

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

    Eye On is a cloud-based SaaS. Command all the data you need – anytime, anywhere – and share enterprise-wide for highly profitable input and collaboration.

  • Focus on Next Level ROI

    Our easy, intuitive design keeps users focused on what’s important: marketing’s impact on the bottom line. Drive your analytics to the next level, and use it to empower data-driven decisions.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Eye On tracks more than 35 KPIs that matter most: easily customize your dashboard to feature the KPIs most valuable to you. And Eye On is scalable, to grow and change to meet your needs.

  • Discover How Eye On Will Profit You.

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  • We have discovered some very insightful customer buying behavior using Black Ink. Because they were able to leverage years of customer data, combined with their proprietary analytical models, we now can focus our planning and marketing investments to achieve the best ROI."
    Stihl Ken Waldron National Marketing Manager
  • The Eye On Marketing ROI has all the necessary business, marketing, and customer KPIs that innovative marketers need to prove their investment worth to the business."
    TeraData Jim Donovan VP of Global Marketing

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