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Maximize Your Dealer Development and Sales

Black Ink is uniquely designed for premier equipment manufacturers, distributors, territory managers and independent dealers to deliver more advanced consumer and professional customer insights. It reveals your surest path to higher performance and more profitable growth by uniquely analyzing both 3rd party and company product sales data to provide the universal truth about your customer, market, competitors, and dealers.

Black Ink Overview

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Find New Growth Opportunities

Business today is changing almost daily, and premier equipment distribution is no exception. This can provide challenges – or opportunities. The market leaders of tomorrow will be the companies that first spot trends today.

EyeOn gives you a competitive edge. With more precise insight into your dealers, markets, and customers, you’ll make smarter, better decisions across all facets of your business: dealer development, dealer recruitment, territory management, inventory management, strategic planning, co-op marketing focus, and more.

The Solution

EyeOn Enterprise Customer Analytics

  • Turn Data Into Profitable Insights

    Big data is complex and unwieldy. Get more value from your existing analytics and marketing automation. EyeOn analyzes vast amounts of operational and 3rd party market data and distills it down to high-value insights about your pro and consumer customers, dealers, and market – who they are, what they’ll buy next, and why.

  • Boost Dealer and Sales Performance

    In today’s data-driven economy, analytics is the key to discovering valuable insights and making more profitable decisions. EyeOn goes well beyond your current CRM or basic business intelligence reporting tools: it provides priceless intelligence on all your markets, customers, products, segments, channels, campaigns and more. Find out where to best invest your efforts and resources.

  • Discover New Dealer Development Opportunities

    Gain decisive competitive advantages – and quick wins – with clearer views of your dealer and sales performance. Easily discover into valuable new insights about your customers and competition, including untapped territories or opportunity areas, that guide you to optimal revenue growth.

    Acquire Customers Faster

    EyeOn quickly pinpoints who’s most likely to buy your equipment and accessories, how, when and where. That gives you the power to take fast action to shape your product mix, sales messages and pricing for both rapid customer acquisition and greater lifetime value.

EyeOn is Powerful. Here’s Why:

  • Visual, Easy to Use

    EyeOn transforms terabytes of big data into intuitive visuals providing instant insights. It’s light on IT, and empowers you with all the intelligence you need through an easy-to-use executive dashboard.

  • Cloud-Based, Mobile Access for Territory Managers

    EyeOn is a cloud-based SaaS. Command all the data you need – anytime, anywhere, any device – and share enterprise-wide for highly profitable input and collaboration.

  • Real-Time Advantage

    Last quarter’s dealer development and sales results are history. EyeOn automatically gives you the real-time data you need to quickly discover new opportunity areas and be first to market.

  • Customizable and Scalable

    EyeOn tracks more than 55 KPIs that matter most: easily customize your dashboard to feature the metrics most valuable to you. And it’s scalable, to meet your needs as you grow.

  • Leverages All Your Data

    EyeOn automatically harvests all your company data across any software application, to leverage more value from it. EyeOn will organize, clean and filter just the right data to give you the answers you need to run the smartest and most competitive company.

  • Discover How EyeOn Will Help You.

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  • We have discovered some very insightful customer buying behavior using Black Ink. Because they were able to leverage years of customer data, combined with their proprietary analytical models, we now can focus our planning and marketing investments to achieve the best ROL.
    STIHL Ken Waldron Director of Marketing



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